These days, highly reliable cloud-based hosting services, industry proven coding techniques, and rock-solid CMS platforms are all designed to keep your site afloat. So it is quite uncommon for an entire site to completely fail. It’s far more likely that only a part of a site will visit the depths of Davey Jones’ Locker. But, should a rogue wave come in and cause part of your site to take on water, we want to be the ones responding to your SOS. We hold the immediacy of all distress calls in the highest regard and will – without hesitation – navigate your fleet to safe harbors during small craft advisories or the stormiest seas. A sturdy hull is the best protection against the maelstrom of disaster recovery. Therefore, we build in several layers of assurance that often include code subversion, powerful security plugins, automatic database and file structure back-ups, and 24/7 performance monitoring so your site experiences only smooth sailing. (Every now and then we really like to go completely overboard with metaphor – yes, pun intended…)

We’ll keep you afloat and the wind in your sails.