Moving content from one CMS to another is often one of the most time-intensive (aka budget busting) tasks of a site redesign project. However, it doesn’t have to shake out that way. Instead, we recommend training sessions for content creators to migrate their existing content from the old platform to the new. There is an economy of scale to this approach that is often overlooked. In other words, two monumental milestones – content migration and CMS user training – can be accomplished simultaneously and at a fraction of the cost. But the best part isn’t just the anticipated cost savings. We think you will agree that the best part of this approach is the confident investment you will be making in your greatest resource – your employees. You will be empowering your content creators with the hands-on training and skills they desire to create truly great content for your site. And that’s a point of pride worth every penny!

Empower your employees to create truly great content.